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05.09.2013 20:55

Refer friends

Now you could not only earn points by yourself, but let others earn points for you!
You can find a ref-link in "Referrals".

You get 10% of what your referrals get. That means, when your referral gets 10 points, you also get a point.

The script for advertising is nearly ready. However, feel free to write me through the contact form if you want to purchase advertising. You can pay with bitcoins (ask for price) or points (actually 500 points for a view).

And now have fun referring your frinds.


02.09.2013 13:26


From now on, you get points for your activity. There's a feature coming the next days that you can exchange this points for advertising you ref-links or whatever you like to advertise.

Have fun collecting points, your

Stefan "MBGucky" Friedrich

01.09.2013 20:45

From now on, there are news!

I'm sure you've found the new "News"-button and tried it straightway.
From now on, I will publish every change of here.

In the near future, I'll add a points-system for your activity. You will be able to exchange this points for advertising your ref-links. There is no better way to advertise a ref-link then on!
Of course, there will also be a ref-system on to get more points.
Maybe I'll add a miner you can activate for double your receiving points.

Have fun on, your

Stefan "MBGucky" Friedrich

Site owner
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