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29.01.2015 21:24


Between sunday(01/02/2015) 21:00 UTC and monday (02/02/2015) 06:00 UTC the server will not be available for about 30 to 60 minutes.

29.04.2014 19:22

"One moment please" and "reset"

I added two usefull functions:

1. Sometimes it happened, that the page reloads just in that moment you wanted to klick a link. This would cause the link not to open.

So I added a fog that prevents you from klicking a link while the page reloads.

2. I added a reset-button that would reset the timer of the page it depends to. This could be useful when you took more time than you expected for triggering the timer on the target website (for example when you have to solve a captcha)

I hope this helps you same way it helps me.

02.04.2014 21:05

Discount advertizing

I made some changes with the advertising and startet a special offer for you.
From now on, the height of an advertising is no longer limited. Anyway, you should still keep it small because the price is aligned to the height and the higher the advertising, the lower is the chance to be displayed.

And here comes the special offer:

100 points per view plus 10 points for each 10 pixels height.
This way, you get one View with a heigth of 150 pixels for 250 points instead of 500 points.

If you are interested, write all needed details, the height and the number of views you want into the contact form

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